If you are doing home remodeling and want to replace your existing door, when ordering doors online, it is important to get a basic idea of your door rough opening. We walk you through how to measure a door for replacement.

How Our Doors Are Measured

Our doors are pre-hung doors that are easy to install. Wrought Iron Door The size of our door is called net frame size or unit size. It is a whole door system that consists of a header jamb, side jambs, and a threshold. Its width is measured from the outside of the left jamb to the outside of the right jamb. Its height is measured from the bottom of the threshold nose to the top edge of the header jamb.

You’ll need 3 tools: a tape measure, pencil, and paper. Your tape measure should be retractable, steel, and long enough to cover the height and width of your door frame. A pencil and paper will allow you to record several measurements immediately so you know they’re exact. Another person to help is also useful; not only can they help you keep the tape measure steady, but they can confirm any numbers you’re unsure of.

What Is The KC Wrought Iron Doors’ Size

When you order a door from KC Wrought Iron Doors, please pay attention to the measurement. Here is a drawing for example, it is a 72″Wx96″H size iron double door. It points out the overall size of a completed door system. The height is including header jamb and threshold; the width is including both sides’ frames (both jambs’ thickness). Please advise your whole door system size to KC for a quote.

Rough Opening Size

The width of your doorway needs to be measured across the top, across the middle, and across the bottom. This should be done from inside your home with the door closed completely.The Rough Opening is a structure of framed wall that surrounds the door unit and it is measured from studs to studs. An accurate rough opening requires you to remove the interior or exterior casing and measure.

Confirm Your Jamb Size

Doorstops, weather stripping, and striker plates are all parts of the door jamb as well and must be accounted for. The jamb must be strong enough to support the weight of the door via the hinges. Considering the weight of a wrought iron door, this means the jamb needs to be very strong and secure.

To measure the depth of the jamb, simply measure the thickness of your wall. These measurements should match, so it is usually one of the simplest parts of the door to measure.
It is the measurement of the wall thickness that the door unit will be fitting into, this includes any sheetrock or sheathing/siding that is on the outside as well. If the wall thickness is 6″ including drywall, we will suggest 6″ jamb size for you. We can also customize it for you.


Once your door measurements have been recorded, the exciting process of designing your custom wrought iron door can begin. You will be able to work with our door specialists to create an exceptional design.Please feel free to contact us to get accurate design style and cost quotation.

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