Wrought iron door will not only demonstrate your style preferences but also enhance its security. Aside from being always in style, wrought iron doors offer durability, security, and long-term performance.


An iron door company’s catalog of options is typically the first thing you should look at once you decide to search for the perfect iron entry door. You can browse their website for an online gallery of their products to determine whether you prefer an in-stock iron door or a fully customized iron door for your home.


If you prefer having a custom door, making it a reality begins with putting your ideas on paper and drawing them. Putting your idea to paper and drawing it, is the first step to bringing your custom iron door to life. once you have a drawing and you the proper dimensions for the entryway, a rough drawing can be turned into an actual design.
The design will include the necessary detail for the door’s creation and installation. It will basically provide the blueprints for your new door.


After confirming the design drawing,Our factory started production,In order to create an iron door, an experienced craftsman must possess an extremely specialized skill set.It requires skilled craftsmanship and time to create iron security doors. The steel framework of a high-quality iron front door is made of 12-gauge steel and the scrollwork is made of solid steel that is heated and molded to your specific design. Hinges and other moving parts of the door are heavy-duty so they can provide for swift movement.
In order to ensure that the door is smooth and free of rough areas, all parts of the door are seamlessly forged and sandblasted.
For insulation and weather protection, high-quality doors are framed with polyurethane foam and have associated panels covered with polyurethane foam. A pure zinc coating is applied before the primer to prevent future rust and chipping of the door.
We can change the look of your door with custom door pulls to suit your personal style. If you experiment with different types of glazing, the overall look of the door will change. Customization also involves color considerations. Despite being treated and primed, you can still choose a color for the finish of your iron door. No matter which option you choose, you can be confident that iron entry doors will look luxurious and secure.


After your door is designed and fabricated, it’s time to install it. The door will be crated to protect it during shipping, and it will be heavy. Having a professional uncrate and installing a custom iron door is the best option.
The process of installing a custom iron door includes installing the door frame, making sure the door is flush with the ground, and installing the actual custom iron door. The windows of the door needed to be removed and every piece installed and minor adjustments made to ensure the door not only looked great but functioned properly.

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