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Wrought Iron fence or wooden fence Precautions for installing fence

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Wrought Iron fence or wooden fence

I believe everyone has seen a fence. This fence is around the house. There are many kinds of fence materials on the market, including wrought iron fences, wooden fences and stainless steel fences. Among them, wrought iron fences and wooden fences are the preferred materials for people. Today, I will introduce to you the wroutht iron fence or the wooden fence, and the precautions for installing the fence?

Wrought iron fence or wooden fence

  • Wrought iron fences usually used in urban streets, residential areas and villas. Wrought iron fences are also a good product for decorating furniture. For wall bricks, they are more suitable for installation in rural life, because most of the rural areas are for some small buildings and earthen houses, it is more practical to design wall bricks. However, with the reform and opening up, all the very old mud houses have been demolished and rebuilt, so it is also a good choice to use iron fences around the new houses.
  • If you choose a wooden fence, it is usually recommended to choose anti-corrosion wood. Anti-corrosion wood can completely prevent the wood from rotting in the outdoor environment, and resist the erosion of termites and some insect pests. In this way, it makes up for the shortcoming of ordinary wood’s poor durability, and the use time will be longer, and It is also easier to maintain, just rinse it with clean water when cleaning, which saves a lot of time and energy. There are many styles and materials of wooden fences on the market. Among them, sylvestris pine anticorrosive wood is currently a material with high cost performance. In recent years, the quality has been directly improved, and the price is also acceptable to people. Choose to use wooden fences for garden fences It is a very good choice.

Precautions for installing the fence

  • During installation, be sure to observe whether there are flammable or explosive items in the surrounding environment. If so, keep a certain installation distance to avoid accidents during installation.
  • Pay more attention to the fact that the fence host should not be installed in a place that is relatively humid or too high or too low, so as not to be damp for a long time and cause electric leakage or damage.
  • After the fence is installed, it is necessary to check whether there is an interference source in the place where the fence is installed. Once it is found, it is recommended that the construction personnel install a shielded twisted pair at a certain distance. Only in this way can safety be ensured.
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