Wrought iron door materials are strong and come in various types. Various styles, dignified and luxurious. Its color is deep black and bronze. The materials used include square tube, forged square tube, square steel, rectangular tube, forged rectangular tube, forged square steel, round steel, flat iron, forged flat iron, iron plate, malleable steel parts, stamping parts, door shafts, etc.

The material of the wrought iron door is mainly composed of iron sheet embossing, door hinges, latches, cast iron flowers, square pipes, castings, paint, etc. The beauty of the gate mainly lies in the design of the pattern, which is a very ingenious part of the gate, and it is also a place that can especially reflect the iron production process. The welding process of the gate and the iron products used need to be strictly purchased and selected, otherwise the gate will not be smooth. It is very important to remove rust by shot blasting, and then use electronic spraying and high temperature baking to make the coating firm and durable. The sprayed paint has good adhesion and strong corrosion resistance, ensuring the service life of the door. Especially for outdoor doors, it can only be tested by spraying a few times. Specially treated doors are durable and popular.

How to maintain wrought iron door

  • Use it correctly When in use, the action should be opened and closed as lightly as possible, and do not use excessive force or force; when opening the door, if obstacles are found, the fault should be eliminated first. If you open inward-sloping windows and folding wrought-iron gates, follow the instructions strictly.
  • regular dust removal Clean frequently to keep the surface clean. When scrubbing, try to choose soft gauze or cotton silk to avoid scratching the surface of the door. When there are stains and dirt, wash with water, alcohol or neutral detergent.
  • anti-corrosion Try to avoid acidic and alkaline chemicals in contact with the surface of the wrought iron gate.
  • Insulate from moisture Wrought iron doors should be installed in relatively ventilated places. Humidity will cause premature corrosion of the metal, and chrome plating will cause stripping, etc., which will affect the use of the door. In case of foggy weather, wipe the water droplets on the iron art with a dry cotton cloth. In case of rainy days, wipe off the water drops in time after the rain stops.
  • remove rust If the wrought iron gate is rusted, don’t take it upon yourself to sand it with sandpaper. If the rust is small and shallow, you can use cotton gauze dipped in engine oil to apply it to the rust, wait a while, and wipe it with a cloth to remove the rust. If the rust has also expanded and become heavier. You should ask the relevant technical personnel to repair.
  • hardware repair Frequently check the various hardware accessories of the gate, and repair or replace them in time if any damage is found.

If the hardware has been used for a long time, you can apply a little wax oil or a little bit of engine oil to reduce friction and keep the iron door open and close easily and flexibly. The sealing surface of the door and the glass strip are two key components of sealing and heat preservation, and should be replaced in time if they are aging or loose.