Pivot doors offer unlimited design possibilities — from size to application to materials. The position of the pivot door in the house can be changed constantly. We’ve selected five of the best locations in the house for your pivot door.

In the foyer

The hall is an excellent location for a pivot door. The entrance hall door is usually the first door you encounter when you walk in. This door sets the tone for the rest of the interior and, because of the location it passes through, offers many possibilities.

Door movement

Pivot hinges create excellent door movement that is completely different from the average hinged door.

In the living room

Many modern homes have an open kitchen that connects directly to the living room. This gives a sense of openness and space, but has some downsides, such as the smell of cooking, less privacy and a less comfortable atmosphere.

Daylighting and openness

With one pivot door — or two adjacent pivot doors — you can preserve the openness and light of an open space, but eliminate the disadvantages of such open Spaces. By choosing a [pivot door with glass] (pivot door/glass pivot door), the light continues to pass from room to room while stopping the smell and noise of cooking. It also makes it easier to keep the room warm.

Control and flexibility

One minute you want to create more privacy and comfort in your living room, the next you want to keep it open and spacious. Pivot doors are the ideal solution for maintaining flexibility. You can not only influence the atmosphere of the room, but also determine the location of the door. This way you can also control the spatial impact of the pivot door itself on the living room.

In the office

We are working from home more than ever before. We’ve also long known that an office doesn’t have to be a boring room in the corner of the house. With a revolving door, you can make the room you work in look more interesting and in keeping with the style of the office.

Dual function

In addition to being a beautiful decoration for office interiors, pivot doors also have a practical function. For example, a aisle doesn’t have to be just a aisle — it can also be used as a bookshelf, TV cabinet, or storage unit.

As a room divider

Indoor pivot doors can also be perfect for angled or high interiors. A revolving wall with multiple doors (pivot door/pivot wall) is a flexible solution.

Glass wall

In some cases, a single or double axle door is not enough, and a door in a wall is not an appropriate solution. Then a pivot door in a glass wall can be a solution for almost any interior, creating a bright, open room. Glass and steel are ideal materials for making large, tall, heavy pivot doors and pivot walls.

360° rotation

The advantage of a rotating wall is that it can be framed or rimless. When the frame is not in use, the wall panels can be rotated 360 degrees. In this way, you can flexibly deal with not only the impact of walls on the room, but also the design of both sides. You can have different designs on both sides of the wall and play with colors and materials throughout the room.