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What’s the difference between wrought iron and cast iron?

Wrought iron refers to the relatively pure iron refined from pig iron. Carbon content below 0.02%, also known as wrought iron, pure iron. Wrought iron is soft, plastic, ductile, can be drawn into wire, low strength and hardness, easy to forge and weld. Wrought iron is soft, plastic, easy to deformation, strength and hardness are low, not widely used;

Cast iron art: the appearance is very rough, knock stuffy sound;

Wrought iron Tieyi: The appearance is very smooth, knock hair crisp sound.

Cast iron is cast. It is made from a solution of pig iron that is refined into iron and then cast. Wrought iron is made of solid iron forged at high temperature into other shapes of iron, cast iron is easy to break, wrought iron is not easy to break.

The surface of the wrought iron shows signs of beating, while the cast iron does not. Cast iron is pig iron and wrought iron is wrought iron. The sound of striking cast iron with metal is more brittle, and the sound of striking wrought iron is louder.

Outdoor also depends on your use to decide, if it is decorative, cast iron and wrought iron are similar. Cast iron is cheap, but wrought iron is easy to weld. If the appearance is electroplated or spray painted, it is almost the same.

Block ironmaking is iron ore at a low temperature (about 1000℃) in a solid state with charcoal reduction and obtained containing more inclusions of iron. This kind of iron is spongy solid, more impurities, low carbon content, soft, can only forge, can not cast.

After heating forging, extrusion inclusions, improve mechanical properties and made of iron is called block iron forging. Such as in the process of repeated heating, block iron and carbon fire contact, carbon infiltration and carburizing hardening, then become block chain carburizing steel.

Pig iron is an iron-carbon alloy with carbon content greater than 2%. The carbon content of industrial pig iron is generally 2.11%-4.3%, and contains C, Si, Mn, S, P and other elements. It is the product of iron ore smelting by blast furnace. According to the different forms of carbon in the pig iron, it can be divided into steel pig iron, cast pig iron and ductile iron and so on.

The properties of pig iron are hard, wear-resistant and good casting, but the pig iron is brittle and can not be forged.

The main components of cast iron and wrought iron are iron, the main difference between the two is the different carbon content, cast iron generally contains carbon 2-4.3%, wrought iron carbon 0.03-2%. Wrought iron is oxidized to remove excessive carbon and other harmful impurities (such as sulfur, phosphorus, etc.) contained in iron through oxidizing agent (such as oxygen) at high temperature, so that they reach the specified range of steel content.

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