Whether you are looking to upgrade the security of an entrance to your home or business or simply add some ornate style, wrought iron doors are an excellent option. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, wrought iron doors offer an unmatched combination of strength, longevity and aesthetic beauty.

Iron Front Entry Door Square

Material properties effect iron doors security

Wrought iron doors are inherently very secure due to the material properties of the iron itself. The iron is heated to a high temperature, then manually shaped using a hammer and anvil. This process, known as forging, aligns the metallic grains in the iron making it incredibly strong and difficult to break. As a result, wrought iron doors and frames can withstand significant force without bending or breaking. Even brute force tools like sledgehammers and crowbars will have difficulty compromising wrought iron door frames.

The thickness and density of wrought iron panels further enhance the security of these doors. Traditional wrought iron security doors feature dense iron panels ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch thick. For comparison, standard residential hollow metal doors are only around 20 gauge or 0.034 inches thick. The heavier wrought iron panels make it nearly impossible to physically compromise the doors short of power tools specifically designed to cut through metal.

Benefits of Wrought iron security doors

Wrought iron security door also benefits from their lack of glass panels which are the primary point of entry for most common burglaries. While many traditional doors feature large glass panels for visibility, wrought iron security doors most often feature solid metal panels lacking any glass elements. This eliminates the ease of breaking glass to gain entry through the door and significantly enhances the inherent security of the design.

Beyond their physical security benefits, wrought iron security doors provide unmatched longevity and durability. The lack of moving parts like hinges, doorknobs and locks reduces maintenance needs and potential points of failure over time. Wrought iron also develops a natural patina as it ages, becoming even more corrosion resistant and durable over decades of use. With proper upkeep and little visible change in appearance, wrought iron doors are capable of securing entrances for centuries.

Wrought iron doors also provide a rich aesthetic appeal

While incredibly secure, wrought iron doors also provide a rich aesthetic appeal that elegantly enhances any architectural style. The traditional forging process leaves distinct rustic textures and patterns within the metal panels that cannot be replicated by modern machinery. Elaborate designs, moldings and flourishes can be added to wrought iron panels and frames to complement architectural details within both historic and modern structures. From simple gridded panel designs to ornate fleur-de-lis motifs, wrought iron doors allow unique artistic expression through functional security.

Common options for wrought iron security doors include panel designs with:

  • Simple grids or geometric latticework
  • Intricate scrollwork and vine patterns
  • Classical columns or fluted detail
  • Fleur-de-lis, rose and leaf motifs
  • Key designs and vintage hardware reproductions

Wrought iron doors are available in a variety of metal and paint finishes

Wrought iron doors are available in a variety of metal and paint finishes as well to suit any decor. Traditional antique and distressed iron tones naturally complement classic and rustic aesthetics, while powder-coated black and white finishes work well within more minimalist and modern environments. Custom door designs and dimensions can also be commissioned to perfectly meet the architectural nuances of any home or business.