Adding sidelights to your entryway door can allow in natural light while also offering a visual connection to the outdoors. Wrought iron doors paired with complementary wrought iron sidelights offer a traditional and elegant take on this design. The matching materials and craftsmanship create a cohesive and timeless aesthetic that beautifully complements historic and classic homes.

Wrought Iron Door With Sidelights

Sidelights are narrow windows flanking a standard width door

They can be installed on either one or both sides of the door frame. Wrought iron sidelights match wrought iron entry doors through similar forging techniques and shared design motifs. The heavy wrought iron frames beautifully support rectangular or arched stained glass panels as well as simple clear glass lites.

Wrought iron sidelights imbue entryways with charm and visual interest through their decorative panel designs. They commonly feature one of four styles:

  • Traditional – horizontal and vertical muntin bars divide sidelight lites and support various geometric patterns.
  • Arched – arched-top lites provide Renaissance and baroque charm through use of curved design elements.
  • Floriated – floral and leaf motifs decorate muntin bars and main panels to create an ornamental appearance.
  • Decorative – intricate scrollwork, fleur-de-lis or key patterns enhance sidelight panels and frames to complement entry wrought iron door with sidelights.

Introduce about wrought iron sidelights

These various styles of wrought iron sidelights beautifully complement historic architectural aesthetics. Traditional and arched styles work well with Colonial Revival and Victorian homes, while floriated and decorative options suit Craftsman bungalows and Mediterranean villas. The weathered iron patinas and hand-forged details create harmony with older buildings while still remaining functional and low maintenance.

Complementing sidelights enhance the visual appeal of wrought iron entry doors through added symmetry and architectural detailing. The thick wrought iron frames extend elegantly from the door jamb to support sidelight panels at consistent height and width. Traditional panel designs maintain continuity of form and pattern between sidelights and main entry door for cohesive curb appeal. The uniformity of materials and craftsmanship integrate doors and sidelights seamlessly into a single entrance assembly.

Wrought iron sidelights also allow natural daylight and ventilation to filter into entry areas and adjacent hallways. The simple glass lites fill rooms with diffused soft light that complements dimmer interior lighting fixtures. Sidelights provide a way to welcome the outdoors indoors through connections of light and views to the surrounding landscape. This welcoming aesthetic pairs perfectly with the timeless appeal of heavy wrought iron frames and design details.

Review historic historic authenticity of wrought iron sidelights

For the ultimate in historic authenticity, many ironworks recreate period-appropriate sidelight designs to complement custom wrought iron entry doors. Reproduction muntins, framing styles and panel patterns complement restoration efforts within homes bearing distinct architectural periods. Custom wrought iron sidelights can then be fabricated and installed to precisely match existing door widths and wall openings. Whether your entryway requires one or two pairs of matching sidelights, skilled artisans can create custom designs to complement your unique wrought iron entry door.