French doors are a timeless classic, providing elegant entryways into rooms while also allowing fresh air and natural light inside. Wrought iron French doors take this classic style to the next level with traditional decor and unparalleled durability. The intricately crafted wrought iron panels and latticework imbue these doors with an antique feel sure to complement any home aesthetic.

Wrought iron French doors offer an array of benefits beyond their elegant old-world charm. The high-quality wrought iron construction delivers unparalleled strength and resilience. Wrought iron French doors are essentially impossible to damage through normal use. They are also highly rust and corrosion resistant, meaning they can stand the test of time with minimal maintenance requirements. The thick iron panels act like a natural sound barrier, blocking unwanted noise from entering through open French doors. The lack of glass panels makes these doors more secure as well, while still providing plenty of ventilation and airflow when open.

Exterior Wrought Iron Doors

The hand-forged appearance of wrought iron French doors

The hand-forged appearance of wrought iron French doors gives them unique antique decor appeal. These doors feature elaborate wrought iron panels with latticework and decorative designs carefully crafted by skilled blacksmiths. No two wrought iron French door panels are exactly alike, lending individual character to each door. They perfectly complement old world and eclectic home decor styles with their vintage rustic designs. The heavy wrought iron panels and frames create an imposing stylistic presence perfect for entrances, hallways, and porches.

Traditionally wrought iron French doors with combinations and decorative styles

Traditionally designed wrought iron French door feature many panel combinations and decorative styles. Typically, these doors include either two or four panels connected by functional hinges. Simple four-panel doors offer classic symmetry, while more ornate six or eight panel options provide additional space for latticework and designs.

Wrought iron panel designs can include a range of traditional French and Mediterranean motifs including:

  • Fleur-de-lis designs symbolizing French royalty
  • Intricate scrollwork suggestive of classical columns
  • An assortment of flower designs and motifs
  • Elaborate lattice patterns featuring diamonds, squares, or vines
  • Combinations of curved and triangular arches

Wrought iron French doors are most commonly found in dark iron finishes

It includes black, brown, or antique silver. These finishes counterintuitively require little maintenance over time. Occasionally applying a coat of wrought iron paint or sealant serves to keep the iron looking rustic and aged without further upkeep. The dark iron panels also pair well with most interior and exterior door paint colors, easily matching light or dark wood stained door surrounds as well.

Custom wrought iron French door provide the ultimate entrance for French country, Mediterranean, or antique farmhouse home styles. Professional blacksmiths can craft custom wrought iron door panels with your choice of design motifs, widths, and heights. Many custom blacksmiths even recreate wrought iron French doors patterned after an antique design you provide. This allows you to perfectly match existing doors or gates at your property for architectural consistency.