Pivot Door

Hinges for pivot doors are mounted at the top and bottom of the door, not at the side. Additonally, the pivot door rotates about a vertical axis. The movement of pivot doors is visually very different from that of a conventional hinged door. It is basically a pivot panel that can be designed and measured in any type. It consists of a door, pivot system, top pivot, floor, and ceiling. In contrast to ancient pivot doors, modern pivot doors do not rotate on the extension of the vertical axis, but on the pivot hinge system and the top pivot. The pivot hinge system is inserted inside the bottom of the door, and the top pivot is inserted inside the top of the door.

Advantages of installation of pivot doors

1. The pivot doors are solid, large, modern and visually stunning.
2. Moreover, it is space saving and easy to use.
3. They are wide and easy to move heavy objects in and out.
4. They provide uninterrupted outdoor view.
5. More stable than traditional doors.
6. Highly customizable without door frame required.
7. Fully automatic, at the same time they can isolate sound.
8. excellent silent operation without much hardware required.

Measurement of pivot doors

Pivot doors can take any type of measurement, but they can also become very heavy without any problems if appropriate pivot hinges are used. This means that you are free to design your dream gate without worrying about implementation. In addition, pivot doors may have different measurements than regular doors. It can be much simpler. In meantime, they allow to be taller and wider than traditional hinged doors.

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