Wrought Iron Double Door

KAICHENG, a trusted wrought iron door and window China manufacturer, always supplies quality wrought iron double door in bulk to oversea market. Wrought iron is mainly composed of elemental iron and a small amount (1-2%) of added slag. It is a by-product of iron ore smelting. Moreover it usually composed of a mixture of silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and aluminum oxide.

History of wrought irons

Wrought iron has been for many centuries and you could refer to as “iron” in the whole western history. Another form of iron, cast iron, has been used in China since ancient times, but it was not introduced into Western Europe until the 15th century. In the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), new iron making techniques led to new types of forging used in agriculture. The manufacture of iron tools, such as multi tube planters and iron plows. Except that the low carbon forged iron produced by excessive air injection into cupola in ancient China was accidentally caked.

About wrought iron double door

Another name for this door is French door. The doors can be active or inactive. Certainly, someone also call it ‘side by side doors’ or also known as double doors. Wrought iron double door are two doors configurations where both of doors are adjacent to each other. Movable one side door is usually open, while non movable another door is usually locked and do not move.

Two side by side entrance doors create a symmetrical, prestigious aesthetic. Their unique style helps make your home unique. In fact, wrought iron double door can enhance your curb attraction and home value. In addition to beauty, double doors can also improve the function of your home. With additional space, the duplex entrance feels more open and more attractive to visitors.

Wholesale double entry doors

Highest Quality Double Iron Doors to create a striking, sophisticated façade to the entrance of your home. We specialize in wrought front entry iron doors.

KC Wrought Iron offers you the finest 12 gauge wrought iron doors at the most competitive prices. You will receive the highest quality finish in the industry.

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