Wrought Iron Fence

Both steel fence and wrought iron fence bring elegance and attraction to your home. Actually, this is the advantage that other fence materials cannot match. In addition, strength and durability that can last a lifetime. Although steel and wrought iron are similar, they are two different metals, as well as with different carbon contents.

Wrought iron fence V.S. Steel fences

In its natural form, iron is a primitive element harvested from the earth. Wrought iron, made about wrought iron fences, is a kind of iron alloy with very low carbon content. Compared with pure iron, it is tough, malleable, corrosion resistant and easy to weld. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and other elements. With high tensile strength and low cost, it has become a good material for buildings, tools, ships, machinery, electrical appliances.

Steel and wrought iron are both solid and hard materials that can be made into durable fences that can last for years. The main difference between them is that the wrought iron fence is completely composed of iron. However the steel fence contains an alloy of iron and carbon.

Wrought iron is more malleable, so welders can easily shape it into interesting designs. So as professional wrought iron products manufacturer in China, KAICHENG provides various styles of wrought iron fences, and customize according to customers design.

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