How to choose a high-quality iron gate depends on the material: qualified anti-theft iron doors must be made of thick iron pipes, and inferior anti-theft doors are made of thin iron pipes. Thick iron pipes that make a crisp sound when struck with a hard object are thin iron pipes that make a muffled sound. In addition, qualified anti-theft doors are painted with anti-rust paint on the bottom layer, while inferior anti-theft doors only have a layer of paint on the surface. During the inspection, just scratch the bottom of the anti-theft door with a hard object, and you can see whether there is red anti-rust paint inside.

  • Look at the installation: when installing a qualified anti-theft iron door, the door frame and the four corners of the iron door are at a 45-degree angle, which will increase the fastness of the iron door. High-quality anti-theft iron door processing tube sheet, the interface between the door frame and the iron door are all vertical angles.
  • Check the door lock: If the size of the iron plate is large enough and it is sealed to the door, the bolt cannot be seen, and the door cannot be moved outside, it means that the door lock is safe; otherwise, it means that the door lock is not installed properly.
  • Look at the welding: the welding should be tight and reliable, especially the nuts that fix the door frame and door hinges. Whether the welding is sealed or not, the sealing welding is relatively firm.
  • Look at the distance between the iron pipes: the distance between the iron pipes should be within 10 cm. If the distance between the iron pipes is too large, the anti-theft effect will not be achieved.

Advantages of wrought iron gate.

There are many kinds of wrought iron gate, which can be used not only in the hall, living room, and dining room, but also in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms to create different artistic atmospheres, and also make the home style more diversified and more modern.

The wrought iron gate is novel in style, combining Chinese and Western classical charm, elegant yet modern, full of personality. The iron gate itself has an indescribable charm. It is not only the publicity of a certain complex of a person, but also the memory of history and the reverence for exoticism.

Wrought iron gate is made of high-quality thin-walled carbon steel stainless steel pipes or aluminum metal pipes, with a thickness between 1 and 1.2 mm. The design should be based on the designer’s artistic creativity and give full play to his imagination.

The reason why wrought iron gate can occupy a place in architecture and decoration is that wrought iron itself has good strength, weather resistance, aging resistance, insect resistance and other properties, which are unmatched by other materials.

Disadvantages of wrought iron gate.

After casting with pig iron, the wrought iron gate is prone to rust and breakage.

The post-maintenance of wrought iron gate is more troublesome, and the price is much more expensive than ordinary anti-theft doors.

The production process of wrought iron gate is relatively complicated. Generally, ordinary iron products are made of ordinary square tubes or flat tubes. However, wrought iron gate often have higher requirements for iron art.