Wrought Iron Gate

KAICHENG, a trusted wrought iron products manufacturer in China, always provide quality wrought iron gate, wrought iron fences with lower price. For wrought iron products, we pay attention to every detail and every processing process. From forging, bending to antirust treatment, ensure the high quality of wrought iron gates.

Wrought iron types

Bar iron is a general term sometimes used to distinguish it from cast iron. It is equivalent to a cast metal ingot, which is convenient for handling, storage, transportation and further processing into finished products. These wrought bars are common products of gorgeous forging, but not necessarily manufactured by this process.

1. The rod iron cut from the flat iron in the slitter provides raw materials for the spikes and nails.
2. The hoop iron for barrel hoop is made by passing the bar iron through the rolling die.
3. Iron plates and sheets are suitable for boiler plate.

Uses for Wrought Iron

With the invention of the new smelting furnace, it is now possible to produce a large amount of wrought iron. Since the 16th century, Referring to wrought iron uses, it is for tools, railways, iron tableware, wrought iron gates, iron doors and wrought iron fence, etc.

The first use of iron gates was in the Middle Ages around the 10th century. Wrought iron gates help to improve and strengthen castles, towns and other areas from invasion. During the same period, the use of wrought iron doors was also increasing. As people discovered the beauty of wrought iron (also called low-carbon steel), it began to become a symbol of upper class social status. The creation of well designed doors is for various European families.

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