Single Wrought Iron Door

KAICHENG is trusted wrought iron door manufacturer. Meanwhile, we always supply quality wrought iron single door, wrought iron fence to oversea market. As you might imagine, a double wide entrance (wrought iron double doors) will cost more money. Not only do you need to buy two doors instead of one, but the surrounding buildings may be more expensive. Even if you have a budget, you may not have enough space. Although double doors look nice, sometimes single wrought iron door looks much more better. If you want to be a little wider than the ordinary entrance door, you can choose a wider single door.

Single wrought iron doors V.S. wooden door

1. Not all the thieves tried to break the door. In fact, criminals have sophisticated tools to remove doors from the outside. In addition, they can try disabling locks using advanced keys and tools. Compared with solid wrought iron doors, the success rate of these technologies on wooden doors is doubled.
2. Wrought iron single door is made of solid iron sheets, which can resist bending and heating, and cannot be disassembled or cut with instruments. On the other hand, the wooden door has a hollow core, which can be destroyed by applying force.
3. Compared with traditional wooden doors, wrought iron doors have better visibility. Although homeowners can install peepholes and small glass windows, they cannot fully see the outside of the house.

Single Wrought Iron Door manufacturer support single iron doors design,OEM/ODM

KC Wrought Iron offers you the finest 12 gauge wrought iron doors at the most competitive prices. You will receive the highest quality finish in the industry. Our thermal barrier technology was developed and patented in Switzerland where it has been used for, and proven highly effective against, cold and heat transfer for many years. We offer upgrade options such as our patented thermal barrier, impact glass, security glass, a hurricane package and more.
Simply select one of the patterns shown on our website and we will provide you with a quote. Or, send us a design of your own – either in CAD form – and we will work with you for your “one-of-a-kind” wrought iron door, or doors – whether you require one door or 500 doors.
For more information concerning custom wrought iron doors, rails, balustrades, gates, and custom fences, please email us at [email protected], or call us at +86 18850252553.

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