Interior Steel Door

KAICHENG provides prime quality steel entry door and interior steel door due to we are professional wrought iron and steel door manufacturer. Meanwhile, we recommand to use interior steel door to instead of wooden doors. Why is it? Let us have a read below.

Interior steel door V.S. Wooden solid doors

Solid wood doors are the best sound insulation doors that you can buy for the interior of your house. They have a warm, natural appearance, and a variety of wood varieties to match your furniture. However, from cost of doors, steel interior doors already win. Moreover, there are some other benefits to be listed:

1. Steel provides an excellent choice to maximize the use of energy in your home. It has been found that the insulation coefficient of steel is actually five times that of pure wood doors.
2. Steel doors are one of the easier to maintain door types. All the doors need routine inspection. You can check once a month, check the surroundings of your home, check your doors and doorframes. Steel interior doors are easy because they do not decay or warping like wooden doors.
3. A steel interior door will last for several years, which makes it an excellent choice. In addition, steel is one of the strongest materials, far stronger than wood. When the wood is in the area of temperature fluctuation, when the temperature changes or is wet, the wood tends to bend.

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