A wrought iron front door with decorative crossbeams and side lights can significantly enhance the roadside appeal and aesthetic value of your home. The magnificent design and traditional craftsmanship of the forged iron door create a beautiful entrance with ample natural light and ventilation.

What is Transom?

Simple Iron Grill Window Door Designs

A horizontal frame refers to a horizontal window or opening above a doorway or window. Translucent mirrors can allow natural light to enter the room and provide additional ventilation. They are common architectural features in historic residences and buildings.

When paired with wrought iron doors, the decorative shape of the horizontal frame and the grille pattern enhance the overall charm and visual interest of the entrance. The crossbeam above the Wrought Iron Door With Sidelights usually adopts a grid pattern that matches or complements the grid pattern on the door.

What is a forged iron door with side lights?

Side windows are vertical windows located on both sides of the door, forming the entrance. Like the crossbeam, the side lights allow more light to enter the room and provide visual depth for the entrance.

The forged iron door with side lights creates a grand and enticing entrance. The side lights can adopt a grille design that matches the door or complementary patterns. The grille work of all three elements – doors, beams, and side lights – together creates a cohesive and visually pleasing composition.

Advantages of forged iron doors with side beams and side beams:

  1. The decorative grille patterns on the doors, beams, and side lights provide a consistent and elegant design, significantly enhancing the appearance of your home.
  2. The crossbeams and side lights on both sides of the forged iron door provide more natural light in the indoor space, eliminating the dark entrance.
  3. The open design of iron doors, horizontal frames, and side lights promotes cross ventilation and air circulation. This is particularly useful in the context of climate change.
  4. Forged iron doors and metal beams/side lights made of corrosion-resistant materials can be used for decades after proper maintenance.
  5. While allowing light and air, the tight grille design of the iron door and its crossbeams/side lights provides a safety guarantee against intruders.

If you want to turn the entrance of your home into an elegant and cozy place, you can consider installing a traditional wrought iron door with customized beams and side lights. Gorgeous and timeless design will create a grand entrance and significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your property.